It is important to follow the acclimatisation steps below

Acclimatisation should not be rushed as the Zoa's have been in the dark for around 24hrs so they need to be introduced slowly to the aquarium.

    1. When the Zoa's arrive they will need to be warmed up slowly to match aquarium temperature. We recommend to turn off the lighting & float the tubes in the aquarium for around 30 minutes. 
    2. Remove half of the water & replace with the aquarium water & leave to float for a further 15 mins.
    3. Remove the Zoa's & place in the bottom of your tank in low lighting & low water flow. After a few hours slowly increase the lighting to the normal level & then the water flow.
    4. After a few days you can then place them in there prized position.

If these steps are followed you should not experience any loss.